The DailySteals Team

Facts and Figures

1 in 3 Play an Instrument
1 out of 5 Speak other Language
55% Night Owls
45% Early Birds
75% Love to Travel
40% Use Instagram
80% Use Facebook
20% Use Twitter


Indie Music


60% Male
40% Female

Core Value

  • 1

    Innovate Daily

    We’re rethinking e-commerce and changing the way you shop. What inspires us? Imaginative brainstorming, teamwork, and a continuous supply of free coffee.

  • 2

    Take Risks

    Whether it’s learning to scuba dive or mastering Java, Daily Steals employees are always aiming towards better versions of themselves. We believe in looking at challenges as opportunities, not as obstacles.

  • 3

    Aim to Thrill

    We want to improve your day every day, not just with great deals, but with exceptional service. With efficiency and reliability, our top notch Support team treats every customer as a key part of our family.

  • 4

    Be Unique

    It’s totally okay to be a little strange around here. In fact, it’s a must. We embrace random outbursts of song, talking to strangers, even walking around the office in socks. In our world, a side effect of being awesome is being weird.

  • 5

    Fun is how we work

    A little laughter goes a long way towards making Daily Steals the best place to work. From picnics, to karaoke nights, to red carpet award ceremonies, there’s always a reason to come to the office. And yes, our friends do get jealous.

How We Got Here

One dark and stormy night, a team of undercover deal-seekers gathered in Brooklyn, New York. Their mission: to change the daily deal industry forever. Their plan: defeating retail prices. Despite overwhelming odds, they believed they had what it took to create something new and different. Through stealth, grit, and skillful deal-hunting, project “Daily Steals” was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fun People, Awesome Company, Wicked Workplace!

Just like you, we’re obsessed with finding great deals. Our elite team of deal-seekers has perfected a flawless technique for getting the coolest merchandise at incredibly low prices. What does this technique involve? We can’t really say, but training with a deal ninja and winning an epic Nerf gun duel might just be part of the process. After we scoop up the deals, we return to our offices to share the bounty with our deal-hungry customers. But the work of a deal-seeker is never done. While you’re showing off your sweet new purchase, we’re already out hunting for the next deal.